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Womenaid of Central MA

Give a a lot!

How We've Helped

Over the past seven years since we started Womenaid of Central MA, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families in Worcester County in many ways like providing groceries, paying a bill, fuel assistance, clothing, medical bill assistance, and much more.

Here are a few examples of the types of assistance we’ve provided and the lives we’ve touched:

For a Woman caring for her aging parents:

We helped to purchase a dryer.

For a family of 6 with one unemployed parent:

We were able to purchase oil to keep them warm.

For a family of four with a Dad who is unable to find work:

We paid a MA excise tax, which allowed them to renew their auto registration.

For a single mom with a child with lung cancer:

 We helped to pay her rent.

For a 15 year old girl, whose parents are helping to raise her nephew:

We purchased a pair of eyeglasses.

All of the above was made possible through your kind support and very generous donations and for that we sincerely thank you!